PulseLN Token Recovery Policy

Token Recovery & Limits

If you have a recovery request that is within certain parameters, please submit a support request including your Order Number, related Transaction Hash, and Invoice.

Sending a coin to different coin's address is considered an incorrect deposit. PulseLN can only attempt to recover mistaken coin deposits which meet the criteria below:

  1. Deposit Exceeds $250 USD in Value
  2. Deposited Coin or Token is Supported by PulseLN

If a recovery is possible, a recovery fee of $100 USD, paid in the recovered token or coin, will be charged to complete this manual recovery process.

Please note that PulseLN supports Bitcoin, PulseChain, & Binance Smart Chain deposits and withdrawals. We will be unable to recover coins or tokens sent to wrong or unsupported network addresses. For more information on the networks that PulseLN supports, consult our full list of supported assets and networks.

Please direct any support requests to [email protected] or our Telegram help group t.me/PulseLNHelp.