How Do I Connect Metamask to Optimism?

Connect MetaMask to Optimism:
  1. Install the latest version of the MetaMask browser extension or app.

  2. Create a new wallet or import an existing one using your recovery phrase.

  3. Click on 3 dots at the top right and select "Settings".

  4. Scroll down and click "Networks". Click "Add a Network" to add Optimism.

  5. Enter the following details:

    • Network Name: Optimism
    • RPC URL:
    • ChainID: 10
    • Currency Symbol: ETH
    • Block Explorer URL:
  6. Click "Save" to add the network.

  7. Click the network at the top left of MetaMask and select "Optimism" from the list.

That's it! Your MetaMask wallet is now connected to the Optimism. You can now connect to any dapps or contracts deployed to Optimism using your wallet.

To acquire funds, you will need to deposit or Buy Optimism ETH.