How Do I Use PulseLN?

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Select Your Asset Pairs


  • Select the token or coin you want to swap (1st asset) and the asset you want it converted to (2nd asset).

Complete The 3 Step Exchange Process


  1. Enter Exchange Details:
    • Enter the "Amount" of the coin or token you want to swap.
    • Enter your Receiving Address (if requested, not all swaps require one).
    • Click "Confirm"


  1. Follow Deposit Instructions:
    • Pay attention to the Deposit Range provided (Min, Max).
    • Note your Order # for any potential support requests.
    • Send the asset you want to exchange to the "To Address:" or QR Code.

Only Send The Specified Asset: Sending the wrong coin or token to a PulseLN deposit address is considered an incorrect deposit. PulseLN can only attempt to recover mistaken coin deposits in certain cases.


  1. Complete the Exchange:
    • Wait for the Deposit to be confirmed.
    • After confirmation, coins or tokens will be sent to your provided Receiving Address from Step 1.
    • The exchange has successfully completed. Close the page or Swap Again.

Risk warning: Buying, selling, and holding cryptocurrencies are activities that are subject to high market risk. The volatile and unpredictable nature of the price of cryptocurrencies may result in a significant loss. PulseLN is not responsible for any loss that you may incur from price fluctuations when you buy, sell, or hold cryptocurrencies.